About Us

World Pathfinder Children’s Fund Inc. is a Canadian corporation and the international support channel for our founding entity, Pathfinder Nepal. Both Pathfinder Nepal and the World Pathfinder Children’s Fund are not-for-profit organizations; Pathfinder Nepal assists children with educational subsidies in the Nepalese villages around the Pokhara valley.

At the operational level, we regularly visit the schoolmasters and review the recent list of impoverished children forced to drop out of school; we visit the families and speak with the children. If a family wishes for a child to continue attending school, we provide the tuition, monitor the child, and offer guidance. In addition, if a family cannot feed or clothe a child, we provide nourishment, clothing, and school supplies. Once we provide assistance to a child, we continue supporting the child until graduation or when the family no longer desires our assistance.

Our short-term objective is to focus our attention on one Nepalese village. For the next three years, our focus is on Hemja, which is located approximately 15 kilometres from Pokhara. Our long-term objective is to assist all villages in Nepal. Beyond Nepal, our targets include other South-East Asian, African, and South American nations. Our ambition is to change the world by eradicating poverty through a grassroots approach to education.

A child can continue attending classes for $60 per year.

 A contributing factor to poverty in Nepal is a lack of education.

Education is crucial to the development of our societies, nations, and global community.

 In Nepal, 56% of the total grade 1 students complete the five-year primary cycle of schooling; the remaining 44% drop-out because of poverty.