Our Children https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/ Our Children Sharmila B.K Sharmila B.K is from a poor family. Her parents work in the fields and are employed by local farmers. Sharmila has three other siblings and her parents did not want her to continue attending school. Her parents believed Sharmila will be married soon and tuition investments are worthless. However, when we informed the family of the prospects, they accepted our proposal. Now, Sharmila attends school regularly. https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=76264654 76264654 Tikaram Adhikari Tikaram Adhikari is from a very poor family and lives in squalor conditions. His parents are employed by farmers. Tikaram is the eldest of four children and prior to our intervention, was about to leave school to help his family in the fields. However, when we approached the family, they were moved by our words; we made them believe if they send Tikaram to school, he will have a world of his own. Based on these discussions, the family agreed to our funding of Tikaram's education. https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=76264655 76264655 Babita B.K Babita B.K is from a poor family. When we visited her school, the headmaster advised us Babita is an excellent student; however, we were informed Babita requires financial assistance. Since we helped her, her grades have soared, and she is no longer concerned about her school fees. https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=76264656 76264656 Bishwas Adhikari Bishwas Adhikari is one of the most interesting boys we have encountered. He is an excellent student. Although shy, Bishwas is very happy and possesses a strong mind. Unfortunately, Bishwas' father is an alcoholic and his mother is deceased. Bishwas' main hobby is school, he thoroughly enjoys his studies and he attends school regularly. He shows great discipline and made us believe if we help people who are willing to exploit the opportunity, we will make a difference. https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=76264657 76264657 Radhika B.K Radhika B.K's parents are uneducated and work in the fields. Due to the inability of Radhika's parents to pay her tuition, purchase her school materials, or purchase her uniform, she could not attend school. When we approached her, Radhika was sad and depressed. However, when we bought her a uniform and paid her tuition, she began to prosper. https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=76264658 76264658 The Dhungana Family As of July 2010, we granted educational subsidies to three children from the Dhungana family; Sunita, Laxman, and Ramprasad, of Dhital V.D.C. Kaski, Nepal. The parents of these students are farmers, and recently, because of their impoverished situation, the parents were unable to continue paying the tuition fees. However, we were notified of the situation, and quickly visited the family. The children were depressed and expressed openly their desire to continue with their studies; the children are entering their final year of their secondary school education. After our conversation with the family, we decided to help them and admitted the children back to school to complete their final year. https://www.pathfindernepal.com/apps/photos/photo?photoID=97191635 97191635